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It’s the first visual theatre laboratory in Lithuania that focuses on professional artists. Independent jury from 57 professional applicants selected 21 artist which was divided in 4 groups and started to participate in KOSMOS THEATRE LAB”19 workshops. 

This first part of the workshop participants were attending masterclasses which was lead by one of the most famous world puppeteer and puppet theatre pedagogues and directors Duda Paiva, choreographer- dancer Goda Žukauskaitė, well know video and visual artists Rimas Sakalauskas, Kornelijus Jaroševičius and Mikas Žukauskas, Lithuanian theatre director and dramaturge Žilvinas Vingelis and puppet theatre pedagogue, director Rimas Driežis. In these masterclasses artists improved their professional skills in fields such as acting with projections, movement dramaturgy and acting with the puppet. Most of all, they were creatively searching for new and unexpected video, puppet, object and movement theatre forms that goes within the frame of the Visual theatre. 

The second part of the KOSMOS THEATRE LAB’19 was the SHOWCASE. This event presented 4 visual theatre experiments created in three weeks by the teams created from the workshops. KOSMOS THEATRE LAB’19 SHOWCASE was presented at the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Oskaras Koršunovas Theatre.  

Visual theatre is representing global theatre tendencies by using contemporary technologies with classical theatre genders and associative images which is rarly seen in Lithuania. In the world Visual theatre artists be classified by artists like Robert Wilson, Romeo Castellucci, Philippe Genty, Robert Lepage and ,,Akhe“. 

Kosmos theatre LAB

Creative teams: 

Team no. 1 

Director: Motiejus Ivanauskas 

Stage Designer:  Liepa Gaidauskaitė 

Composer: Matas Saladžius 

Actors:  Marius Karolis Gotbergas, Kamilė Lebedytė, Povilas Jatkevičius, Saulė Sakalauskaitė 

Team no. 2 

Director: Miglė Remeikaitė 

Stage Designer: Marina Jasinskaja 

Actors: Goda Simonaitytė, Mindaugas Ancevičius, Ieva Stašelytė, Eglė Ukanytė 

Team no. 3 

Director: Sigita Pikturnaitė 

Stage Designer: Dalia Kiaupaite 

Actors:Rūta Kumpikaitė, Gabrielė Penčylaitė, Kristina Marija Kulinič, Kristina Mauruseviciute 

Team no 4 

Director: Žilvinas Vingelis 

Stage Designers: Dovilė Gecaitė  

Actors: Mindaugas Ancevičius, Goda Simonaitytė 

Composer: Andrius Šiurys 

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„KOSMOS THEATRE LAB’19” organizers: 

Artistic director Žilvinas Vingelis; 

Project initiator and producer: Darius Vizbaras; 

Designer: Dovilė Gecaitė 

Project lectors: 

Director, choreographer, pedagog: Duda Paiva,  

Choreographer-dancer Goda Žukauskaitė,  

Video artists: Rimas Sakalauskas, Kornelijus Jaroševičius, Mikas Žukauskas  

Director Žilvinas Vingelis, 

Puppeteer and director Rimas Driežis

Project partners:  

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It’s the first visual theatre laboratory in Lithuania that focuses on professional artists. Continuing the great results achieved from “Kosmos Theatre Lab’19” we announce 2020 editions theme: “contemporary street theatre”. In August- September the young professional Lithuanian artists will gain skills from worldwide known street theater creator, actor and director from Spain Adrian Schvarzstein and the researcher of the first professional theater genders “commedia dell’arte” and director from Italy Matteo Spiazzi. The result of this project will be three street theater performances created by participants of the masterclasses 


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Project funded by Lithuanian culture council. 

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