VR movie “Human’s dream”- is the continuity of young Lithuanian artists to combine science and art in bringing cultural innovations. This movie seeks to finding logical and esthetical connections throughout scientific and artistic researches of dreams. Understanding of collective consciousness of our psychology has common means that rises both in the construction of conscious thoughts and in the inner soul which has phobias or unexplainable images. We can describe a dream as a consciously incomprehensible but emotionally recognizable state which uncovers individual and collective unconscious codes.    

VR format (same as the dream) is reality surrogate which can express similar space timelessness experience such as a dream. A 30 min. surrealistic VR movie which explores unconscious mind will be filmed in 360 giving the spectator a possibility of freely managing his sight. A 6 scenes “Humans’ dream” movie script will be filmed in different locations linked with different artistic approaches (opera, puppetry, dance, theatre, projections, sound manipulations, VR montage, animation) to express archetypes described by K. G. Jung and manifested in our dreams. 

Each archetype will be connected with a different artistic and manipulation approach which will undercover in 6 different rooms. “Human’s dream” movie combines thee cultural dimensions of expression: traditional art (puppetry, shadow theatre, live music), contemporary art forms (video-projections, electronic music), innovative technologies (virtual reality, updated reality) and is created by young theatre, music and cinema professionals.

This artistic research resulted in the first part of a movie and was made throughout sound (composer Andrius Šiurys), visual (stage designer Dovilė Gecaitė, video projections Kornelijus Jaroševičius), movement 
( choreographer Christina Batian), objects (puppeteer Imantas Preces) and drama theater (artistic director and scriptwriter Žilvinas Vingelis), Performers: Soprano:Agnė Sabulytė, Dancer: Ana Novickaja, Voices: Aldona Vilutytė, Actors Saulius Čiučelis, , Imantas Precas, Marijus Mažūnas, Daina Ulmytė.  

This artistic research seeks to establish and break the barriers of performing arts even further. For this “KOSMOS THEATRE” and “GLUK media” co-produces a continuity of the project which seeks to create a full 5-6 scenes VR movie “Humans’dream”. 

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