KOSMOS THEATRE is an independent company which focuses on combining classical theatre forms with achievements and technologies of contemporary science. Established in 2012  the creative team moved to seek for new artistic forms. By gathering young artists and bringing them creative platforms involving education the company started to push the limits in order to become a centre of contemporary art experiments in Lithuania. Multi-genre theatre. Mystical visual musical theatre rises of combining live music, drama, puppetry, modern dance and visual media. Analyze a dreamy reality. Unconsciousness, dreams, memories, virtual reality are the only measures of theatres reality. KOSMOS THEATRE researches these pseudo realities, visual characters and relevant manipulation tools to represent characteristics of our dreamy reality. Science and art is the content. Creation of scripts involves contemporary science achievements and scientific topicality. Create teams involving scientists and artists whom can lead scientific researches in becoming material for performances. Science and art is the form. Combine contemporary approaches (3d animation, virtual reality ect.) with classical theatre genders. Research new forms and combinations to create theatrical installations. Kosmos Theatre in public spaces. Actively transform spaces to become theatre. From festivals and fairs to performances and visual installations. By establishing performances in various cultural spaces, prioritise advertisement by street art principles.

“The more you see, the more you are seen”