KOSMOS APP is a digital audio-performance broadcasting platform that allows you to travel through audio based historical and cultural memories of public spaces. With the help of the phone’s GPS signal, the app tracks your geolocation, allowing you to walk around the geography of sounds and stories. With the principles of augmented reality we seek to extend your understanding of the physical world by sounds. On one hand it’s about our human history and cultural heritage, on the other mythology and magic. Each application program (story) is created by professional theatre, literature and music artists in collaboration with scientists, history and cultural researchers from various fields.

KOSMOS THEATRE is an official partner of Kaunas 2022 European Capital of Culture program. From 2019 working togeather with its Memory office we reasearched Kaunas heritage, connected with local communities and cultural organizations and established a reality bending experience. Proudly we introduce 3 audio-compositional stories and a car instalation to inspire the local residents and visitors to travel in time of Kaunas and meet the most inspiring personas who not only effected localy but has a huge inpact for us today, We are also greatfull for Lithuanian culture council for support of this program.

The audio-collage “The Crossroads of Four Confessions” in Kaunas Peace Park is made of dozens of authentic documentary recordings and stories of the park recorded by professional actors, and together with the accompanying music and sound design, guides listeners through the religious-cultural traditions of all four of the park’s denominations, the famous All Souls’ Day events of 1956, the memory of the Lithuanian struggle for independence and the stories of Kaunas residents today.

The audio composition ” RECONCILIATION” is a musical memory trail connecting the Museum, the IX Fort and the Monument, inviting you to walk through the echoes of the noise of the past and to experience an emotional transformation – to feel the cultural trauma caused by the dramatic political changes of the 20th century. The symbolic howls of world wars, totalitarian regimes and crimes against humanity encourage us to imagine man in a precarious, murmuring environment. The audio composition reveals the invisible emotional charge of Kaunas IX Fort Memorial Complex as a historical and memorial site. The noisy, intense, intermittent sounds ultimately search for harmony among themselves, stimulate reflection on society’s relationship to history, and lead towards recognition and reconciliation of historical traumas.

The audio-composition “Absolute World”, located in the Aleksotas and Old Town districts of Kaunas, immerses into the intellectual world of the world-famous scientists, brothers Oskar and Herman Minkowski, who spent their childhood years in Kaunas, and explores the links between Kaunas and the discoveries of the famous scientists of that time.


KOSMOS APP CAR is a 3-car installation designed to introduce the Kaunas 2022 programme “Memory Office” to the participants of the Kaunas city opening weekend. This installation is like the first frame of a film that encourages the viewer to ask: who, where, why? It is like an encouragement to travel through time- safely and carefully. It is like a mediator between reality and reality, between temporality and stability, between the past and the future. This installation is a kind of domestic disturbance that operates in three dimensions: the place where the machine is placed, the style of the machine and the action that takes place inside. The installation will consist of 3 machines that will be placed in three different locations. The machine to be installed at the Kaunas Intermediate Detention Centre will reflect E. Levin’s philosophy “Face to face”. The machine installed in the window of the Moxi Hotel will be like a portal, marking the establishment of the foundations of Minkowski’s scientific theory of relevance. Next to the Kaunas Military Officers’ Quarters, the machine will mention the work of Rosian Bagriansk. The installation, to be set up on 22 January, will be coordinated to hold until the next Kaunas 2022 mass event. Ge ready to bend the reality in Kaunas 2022 with KOSMOS THEATRE