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Travel Grant | Art Tech Business Partnership Japan and S. Korea

Travel grant for Art Tech Business Partnership, a cross-cultural initiative that aimed to foster collaboration and innovation in the Art Tech sector among Lithuania, Japan, and South Korea. The project was implemented with collaboration by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture and the Baltic Film and Creative Tech Cluster. The main activity of the project was a 2-week business trip to South Korea and Japan, where we met with potential partners, customers, and stakeholders in the Art Tech industry, and participated in various events, workshops, and networking sessions. The project resulted in the establishment of partnership agreement/ memorandum and further leads for future cooperation, as well as the exchange of best practices, technologies, and insights. The project also contributed to the promotion of the Art Tech sector in each country, and the enhancement of the cultural and economic ties among them. The project is expected to have a positive and lasting impact on the innovation and growth of the Art Tech sector in Lithuania, as well as the socio-economic development and well-being of the people involved. 

The business mission was a valuable and meaningful initiative that demonstrated the potential and benefits of cross-cultural collaboration and innovation in the Art Tech sector among Lithuania, Japan, and South Korea. The project achieved its objectives and delivered significant results and impacts for the participants, the partners, the sponsors, and the Art Tech sector in each country. The project also created a solid foundation and a positive momentum for the continuation and expansion of the cooperation and exchange in the Art Tech sector among the three countries. 


Collaboration pilot | KOSMOS APP V2

As KOSMOS THEATRE we continually search for new ways to empower skills and features of performing arts and merging them with tools of contemporary technologies to innovate user’s experience. With that in mind, in 2022 we developed a new concept: a prototype mobile application KOSMOS APP. This platform consisted of 3 audio-compositions linked to physical cultural and historical venues. By tracking GPS location, we offered users the chance to travel through audio-based soundscapes of historical and cultural memories of public spaces. This platform was presented in European Culture Capital program Kaunas 2022.

Since then, we’ve seen a way a bigger potential- to develop a sound based augmented reality system as a tool for artists to create interactive art pieces that are capable of engaging and immersing audiences. With the help of CreaThriv-EU pilot project we developed the second edition of KOSMOS APP: a system that transforms users’ mobile phones into a medium between the physical environment and the digital soundscapes.

The design and features of the system were developed based on countless research. From artists and creators, historians and engineers to cultural heritage organizations and end users. By testing and exploring similar experiments and establishments we managed to define the most valuable features to ensure a unique users experience. This lead for these main upgrade features:

  • We expanded the GPS tracking with multiple smartphones sensors such as motion sensors. From a location-based audio-performance we transformed to engaging and interactive experience through users’ phones movement.
  • We developed a data-driven creative tool.  By gathering and managing, a complex motion tracking data, filtering and combining it to different variations we can create responsive outputs of sounds that seamlessly interact with users.
  • We expanded the single player by integrating features of multi-player allowing to impact the composition and interact with other users and most exciting of it all- engage as group.

Today we present you a platform combined of creative tool, a data managing system, and user engagement enhancer with whom we are capable of:

  • Creating interactive and engaging storytelling for cultural heritage and historical venues, for museums without physical interventions.
  • Creating immersive, engaging and interactive performances, audience-dependent installations and art pieces.

“The Art Tech Business Partnership and KOSMOS APP development was co-funded by the European Union’s Single Market Programme.”