Now, as never before, we realize that once irrelevant processes on the other side of the world can today have an enormous impact on our lives. We ask you to contribute to the conservation of culture and our own lives, so that we have the opportunity to continue our work in the future, even in such difficult moments when we must react quickly, without bureaucracy, projects, financing and fees. In Turn, we will try not to give up and exists in the dynamic and paralyzed world. We will LOOK for different paths to theatre and different theatre paths, CREATE for the forgotten audiences with forgotten genres and unknown forms, STRIVE for other planets, concepts of time and legitimacy of our own meaning in your lives. We created this theatre to choose the creation again and again instead of lies and security. With your help, we can make it.

Just now we premiered the first online performance in Lithuania #PROTEST which we created not only without any income, but we also presented it for free. We have planned a lot of culturally, scientifically and artistically fulfilling activities: from visual theatre performances and international workshops to virtual podcasts and VR movies.

We are much in need of your microKosmos decisions which in the future will empower us to macroKosmos dreams. Support our KOSMOS station: ​​​​​​​

Support us directly:

Beneficiary’s name: VšĮ KOSMOS THEATRE

Beneficiary’s account (IBAN): LT657300010130105665 Swedbank AB


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Hamlet told his actors „twere, the mirror up to nature “,

and we say,,the more you see, the more you are seen.”

Thank you for being together at this time.